Step 4: Once consent has been received by the Ethics Office and the Office of Human Resources, the BR can proceed with the agreement. The USGS approval level belongs to the Heads of Office reporting to the Director/Deputy Director of the USGS. and managers/supervisors reporting directly to an Associate Director or Regional Executive. Before an employee receives a relocation incentive, they must sign a written agreement to complete a specific period of employment with the agency at the new office. The service contract must specify the duration, beginning and end date of the period of service. the level of incentive; the method and timing of incentive payments; the conditions under which a contract is terminated by the Agency; any obligation of the agency or employee in the event of termination of a service contract (including the terms under which the employee must repay an incentive or under which the agency must make additional payments for partially completed services); and any other condition for obtaining and maintaining an incentive for resettlement. Workers considering positions subject to mobility agreements should be aware that any failure to accept geographical redistribution may result in distance without recourse. Federal employees: Federal employees are eligible to receive scholarships for contributions and suggestions related to their work on mobility tasks. The first mission may take place for a period of up to 2 years and may be extended for up to 2 additional years with the consent of the other Contracting Parties.

Allowances should be limited to the minimum period necessary to complete the task. If the assignment agreement exists with an Indian tribe or tribal organization, the assignment may be extended for any period of time as long as it has been determined that the assignment continues to benefit both organizations. The right of an organization to force a move and dismiss employees who refuse to move has been enshrined in case law since 1980. If the employee is not covered by a mobility agreement, the agency must prove the burden he is making the move for legitimate management reasons that would promote the efficiency of the service and sufficiently inform the employees. .